Information Security &
Privacy Health Check

We have assisted organizations understand how information security threats translated to business risk, develop accreditation frameworks and to assess the organization's readiness to face today's threats. The security health check provides a comprehensive and customizable tool to assess and enterprise security program. It is attainable tool that will evaluate critical elements of your information security including:

  • Information Security Strategy. Understand how information security should enable your business, and determine whether or not an effective security strategy is in place.
  • Security Management and Governance. Evaluate if you have the right organizational and policy structures to support your information security function(s).
  • Security Operations. Verify the adequacy of incident response, identity and access, and vulnerability and risk management processes.
  • Privacy & Compliance. Evaluate your privacy and data protection processes and mechanisms in order to strengthen your regulatory compliance.
  • Technical Architecture. Assess technical and logical controls (e.g. network, application and security tools) resilience against cyber and internal threats. Optionally, this may also include technical vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Figure: Overview of Information Security Health Check Approach

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