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iSecurity is a consulting firm that attracts and engages only well-established consultants and with a successful track records. Our consultants have proven experience helping organizations deliver on specific security focused projects and also helping them with required planning, analysis and strategic thinking.

On the project execution and delivery side we have an impressive track record for delivering on time and on budget, which can be verified through our references. At a strategic level, we have assisted many organizations mature and evolve their Privacy and Security programs.

Additionally, there are a number of key differentiators:

  • Extensive experience in undertaking a large number of security risk assessments (over40 TRAs, including technical assessment and penetration testing) and Privacy & Security Architectures (8) for Canada Health Infoway funded projects.
  • Practical knowledge of the eHealthenvironment and legislative requirements (i.e. PHIPA and its Regulations). Our team members have assisted many organizations with a practical application of federal, provincial and municipal privacy legislation in a health care environment.
  • Fully committed to product independent advisory services.This means our assessments are objective base, unbiased and that we will advise you on the best available solutions for your needs.
  • Provide exceptional technical expertise for very competitive rates.We provide our customers the highest quality of services and the best value for money for the services we offer.
  • Development of Technology, Privacy and Security Requirements, Architectures, and Designs for private and public sectors, including large scale eHealth initiatives (i.e. Provider and Client registries).
  • Privacy and Security Solutions Strategies and Technologies for large-scale Web Application Development for health, government and financial sectors.
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Identity Management and Access Control systems, Logging and Audit, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), Secure Operating Systems and large scale content management systems.